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For this appealing tasty tart to maintain her square she needs to take in a Extdemely calories each day. Eat signal, pies, incentives, and ice cream. If you are not fat and you are a positive you are not a different woman. Dr Atkins should have been a downside and not a gift becoming guru. Mindful manual is what count like MeMe Roth do.

It would cost you wallet busting 87 dollars a day to feed your fatling if you fed her Subway 6 grams of fat or less subs.

The other problem is all the damn veggies. They simply take up space Extremely huge obese fat hogger sluts the stomach and some veggies like lettuce, spinach and peppers are calorie negative. That means it requires more calories to digest than what will get into the body and be stored as fat. One measly stick of butter contains calories It would take 3. The cost per calorie is far cheaper if you go with butter. Look what all that butter has done for Paula Deen the Butter Queen and her fat boy husband. The Butter Queen knows that fat fattens best and she also knows that fatlings love butter. Veggies require a lot of chewing. You'll wear your teeth out! By the time your gainer eats one Subway sub she can easily devour 4 sticks of butter which is a whopping calories that will slide right down her pretty gullet.

Once again, proof positive that fat fattens best! Dr Atkins should have been a feeder and not a weight loss guru. In fact, we salute Dr Atkins for making people fatter than ever before. His "diet" is the perfect prescription for gaining. Fatkins didn't know much but he understood what gluttons love and that is the savory taste of fat. He also know that a gram of carbs contains 4 calories but a gram of fat contains 9 calories. He may have known, although he was a greedy charlatan and dumb fuck like most MDs that carb deprivation causes two things that will cause weight gain. Carb deprivation causes intense hunger.

Low carb diets cause muscle loss and that slows the basal metabolic rate. How do these to factors benefit that gainer? I think that is quite obvious. Hungry people eat more than one who are sated. A slower metabolic rate requires less feeding. It won't be much slower but every savings of calories helps to fatten. The Dos and Don'ts of Gaining Do hang around with other fat people.

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Hogged are a great support group. They also know where the best food deals are. Don't hang around with slender people. They avoid eating fattening foods.

Do wear loose fitting clothes to avoid that "full feeling" after you eat. Don't eat too much fiber but you will need some. Constipation can kill your appetite. You always feel hungry after you've dropped Extremely huge obese fat hogger sluts duke. Do watch the Food Network. Seeing food makes you hungry. Don't eat at a dining room or kitchen table. Eat in front of the TV. Mindful eating is what people like MeMe Roth do. You want your eating to be as involuntary as your breathing when you are on your CPAP machine. Don't move too much. Even if you feel you can walk don't!

Use your scooter or power chair! Don't take the stairs even if you can. If the Belly God had intended fat people to use the stairs he would not have invented the elevator. Do visit this site the-biggest-fattest-blog. When it comes to efficient and easy gaining "Dr" Bear is the authority. Do understand your diabetes. Diabetes can be a gainer's best friend. A little extra insulin will make you eat more. Do Choose easy to chew foods! Best Answer - Chosen by Voters It's not only that they don't clean down there. When you are over weight the extra weight builds up and causes 'rolls' sorry I know that's rude but I couldn't find another way to say it.

The skin that is in the creases is basically smothered and stays hot so it sweats. A skinny girl may only need 1 bath a day whereas an over weight person may need 2 or three because of the extra sweating they do in between there 'rolls'. Why do fat girls always smell? Is it old rotting food caught in their rolls? Because they're fat and nasty and fuck anyone that says hello just hoping someone will actually love them. It is because they are too fat to properly wipe the butt after taking a dump. So they wipe from back to front and things get messy and stinky. Cause their hygiene sucks and there more concerned with sitting around all day heating up there ass.

How come a fat woman's crotch smells like a cross between a wet dog and a week old tuna sandwich? It is because of sweat no matter how many baths they take it is always hot there it gets stinky. There is not enough room for their pussy to breath, so it stays moist, which allows bacteria to grow. I know there are some exceptions but in general this is true. Stop rooting around in those fat pussies and the smell won't bother you anymore. I'm not sure about being able to convince yourself that fat pussy is going smell like roses.