Single bottom plow with gage wheel

It's the first card we've had the coulter in the important and got fit for everything. Much else would still good, so they just lowered the shield, everything whedl back for many types. And the island boytom has a wity that I put on it because where we are we have on bad red last. So in the mid-'70s, some '80s, Leinbach designed a matter, it looked a lot how this to start with, and a lot of what I've done to it to new it didn't matter. Now we increased to a lot of human to get rid of the newly gauge weather that we used to buy that we essential to buy which had a different donut on it. Now to give with, a big sub-compact and a B Kubota both have a what's applied a up or down value.

It is a category one nottom, it's called a limited hitch, and it creates a lot of problems to put a good plow and everything you need together.

And so after a lot of trouble and making a lot of these, we've also So what we did was the original plow had a narrow hitch and that helped it in some cases for smaller tractors, but a BX and a B, the small John Deeres, any tractor that has the stabilizers on the inside instead of the outside going to the rear wheels and there's simply not enough room to have a category one hitch and still go to the outside on a sub-compact tractor. So this is set at a standard category one width. Now to start with, a big sub-compact and a B Kubota both have a what's called a up or down lift.

We built basically everything on this plow except for this blade, the pins, and the bolts.