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The group are attacked by Bull King, who is Pandoras box escort after Escorg Monk. Escorh One[ edit ] years ago, during their journey to the west to fetch the Buddhist scriptures, Monkey got annoyed with the constant nagging of his master, Longevity Monkand decided to betray him. As Bak Jing-jing had been poisoned by Spider Woman, Joker goes back to the cave to ask for the antidote, but is imprisoned by Spider Woman.

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He was intercepted and subdued by Guanyinwho Pandoras box escort to give him a second chance after Longevity Monk pleaded for leniency and sacrificed himself. Monkey is reincarnated in the present as Joker, chief of a group of outlaws. In the ensuing fight between Joker and his companions against Bull King, Joker falls off a cliff and finds himself back in Waterfall Cave, where he meets Grandpa Buddha and Bak Jing-jing.