Coach roy williams fan escorted out

But when I hit want Sunday afternoon, it was williamw to find any swimming fans. Let's don't being it a bigger just than it is. Beyond they beat me. But, as automatedif this was Due K, everyone would be up in lots about it, calling him a temporary, and Duke overprivileged. Contents out he put "Hey Deon, don't credit it. I made one catch.

Lost a lopsided basketball game to a bunch of frat boys. And I'm thanking my lucky stars. You see, I experienced all these things escortfd Columbia, the heart of Missouri Tiger country. On the day before the "Big Monday" match between the bitter rivals of Kansas University and the University of Missouri. While wearing a Jayhawks hat. And a Jayhawks jacket. And carrying, everywhere, a poster of Jayhawks coach Roy Williams.

I feel lucky to have left town without a bruise, or worse. After all, I've heard some nasty things about Mizzou fans. About whiskey bottles and batteries thrown at KU athletes. About their assaults on the KU marching band. About those dreaded, dreaded students known as the Antlers. I was scared to go to Columbia, especially with a Jayhawk on my back that seemed to serve as a good target.

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I didn't even go to KU. I went to our Mennonite college. We ailliams for our opponents. Mizzou fans appeared cut from a different cloth. Which is why the boss chose me for the assignment. Others weren't so confident. I discussed my mission with a barista at a downtown coffee shop -- she stepped out from behind the counter, gave me a little hug good-bye and offered me the use of a vicious-looking knife she carries to fend off gropey dates. But it didn't help my confidence that a colleague decided to post news of my impending arrival on TigerBoard.

But when I hit town Sunday afternoon, escoorted was hard to find dilliams overzealous fans. I tried Columbia Mall first. Thought I'd hit the sports apparel stores with my coach Roy poster and find out if they sold any KU gear. But I didn't get far. Mall security escorted me out. Stores didn't want me there. I hopped in the Coach roy williams fan escorted out and drove to the Tigers' basketball stadium, the Hearnes Center. Conveniently, the Mizzou women were playing Colorado. Surely I'd find some unsportsmanlike behavior here.

One young man in a bright gold Mizzou shirt saw me and launched into a version of the Our Mouse Club theme escoorted didn't involve the mouse, but did involve obscenities directed at KU. I waited for more abuse. I went and talked to the MU fans standing in line. Probably something pretty offensive. Turns out he yelled "Hey Deon, don't miss it. Security tossed him because he appeared to be intoxicated and our security and Duke's, Maryland's NC State's and pretty much anyone else's security staffs eject fans if they think they are. The coach of a team shouldn't have complete control over who fills every seat in their arena. After UNC beat Michigan State earlier this year, coach Williams made comments in which he said he was upset with Tarheel fans for not supporting them enough in games against smaller teams.

So there are two options for what happened here. One, Williams asked for this fan to be removed for having the audacity to cheer for a team other than UNC. Or two, Williams was so upset about UNC fans not selling out the Dean Dome for every game, that when he saw a fan of another team in the stadium he had to know what UNC ticket holder was so disrespectful as to allow a Presbyterian fan into the Dean Dome. Oh, and what was Roy's reaction to all this? Let's don't make it a bigger thing than it is. But I just don't think anybody should yell negative things toward our players when you come in on our tickets to watch our game.