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For more information, contact Spain Taste [tel] ; www. Catacurian offers 3- to 6-day gastronomic vacations that include cooking classes in Catalan cuisine. Programs also feature olive-picking sessions and 1-day market visits and cooking classes within Barcelona itself.

Catacurian is located in a private boutique hotel in the Priorat region of Catalunya. For escortd Spain escorted travel, contact Catacurian [tel] ; www. Escorted General-Interest Tours Escorted tours are structured group tours, with a Spwin leader. The price Spain escorted travel includes everything from airfare to hotels, meals, tours, admission costs, and local transportation. They take you to the maximum number of sights in the minimum amount of time with the least amount of hassle. The tours can often focus on the heavily visited sites, so you miss out on many lesser-known attractions.

A number of companies are beginning to offer pre-planned tours for individual travelers rather than groups. Guests stay in fine hotels and are welcomed by knowledgeable local guides.

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Trafalgar Tours [tel] ; www. It can book you on bus tours as well as land and air packages. It offers some culinary holidays Spain escorted travel well as general sightseeing, and can set you up for fly-drive tours on your own. Spain escorted travel companies that offer Spain itineraries include GoAhead Tours www. These are just some of Madrid's leisure alternatives, alongside tempting shopping in the most traditional establishments and world-famous outlets stocking the finest international brands. If you are looking for a coach holiday to Madrid, Spain use the search form to the left and see what deals we have available at the moment.

Alternatively give us a call and speak to one of our experienced coach holiday advisers who will help you find your perfect trip to Spain.

Thanks to its location, Valencia has been the Ecsorted gateway to the Mediterranean, with the special charm that seaport cities have. The fine sand and crystal waters, the vastness of the open sea, and the proximity of the coastal mountain range lend the Valencian coast a unique appeal. Seville's Cathedral is popular due to its architecture, its tomb of Christopher Columbus and the attractiveness of its noted bell tower the Giralda. Cross the square and visit the Alcazar, a stunning, well preserved, medieval, Islamic palace in Spain. Follow-up with a visit to the grand Plaza de Espana. The city stems back to BC.

This long history has influenced the exterior of Granada.