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Traditionally, Islam was open to exploring beauty and sexuality, especially when Islamic culture flourished and Europe was in what were known as the Dark Ages.

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eacort In response to this current climate of fear, and to the backdrop of ISIS thugs throwing gays off buildings in Male escort umar london, my organization Quilliam has commissioned an art escprt at the Loondon Word Centre in order to throw open this debate by displaying some of the sexual diversity within past and contemporary Muslim tradition. The best example of the way in which Muslim attitudes to sex have gone backwards is found in the Arabian fantasy A Thousand and One Nights. For too long, populist demagogues, xenophobes and racists have been able to use coded language about intolerable Muslim intolerance to argue that Muslims have no place in Europe.

The Quranic story of the prophet Lot is often invoked by religious-conservative Muslims to denounce homosexuals. There was a time when it was not like this. But the themes of love and sexuality have been debated and discussed by Muslim theologians and artists for centuries.