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These pictures Escort escort service posted on the agency's website or circulated among clients to promote esdort. Legal considerations The arm's length relationship between the escort and the escort agency is designed to protect the escort agency to some degree from prosecution for breaking laws against prostitution. If the employee is solely responsible for arranging any illegal prostitution-oriented activities, the agency can maintain plausible deniability should an arrest be made.

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Working as an outcall escort is not an Escort escort service, and neither is working as a prostitute in private. Prostitution in the United Kingdom Escort prostitution is one of the forms that the sex trade takes in the United Kingdom, along with prostitution practiced in massage parlorssaunas, private flats such as the Soho walk-ups and street prostitution. Operators tend to avoid discussing specifics over the telephone or via emails to avoid complications with the law. The agency will then suggest an escort who might fit that client's need.