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Varanasi is the oldest and most riveting, the centerpiece of Hindu culture where smoke infused ceremonies are performed by babas, and dead bodies are symbolically burnt at the entrance to the river.

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As escortdd sun crosses the sky it brings subtle shades and wizardry reflections to the traditional domes; each hour displays another compelling reason to stay and take more photos. At the same time, India still offers opportunities to get around with the means of yesteryear. Nestled within the mountains are cute homestays, Buddhist culture, and staggering vistas onto majestic Himalayan peaks. On one hand it remains a poor nation, yet the blossoming economy is helping to power a sophisticated tourism market. Rajasthan revels in its ambiance of ancient glory, infusing the architectural wonders with endless slices of cultural heritage.

Each Indian destination delivers inimitability, yet the journeys between them are equally hypnotic and engrossing.