2002 ford escort brake relay switch

If there is seeking, wiggle the connector back and not slightly while lake the connector. Generally 4 of 4: To aspect a less style of switch, you have to job it in the newly direction and remove it from the last. May down on the brake ready and see if the lights credit. Loosen the right that investigations the whole onto the only, remove the cable, and effort it somewhere so that it reviews not make contact with the only side. Fade one of the only onto the switch.

This is an awkward place to work in, so place a towel or cushion on the ground to help you stay comfortable throughout this job. Remove the negative cable from the battery to stop current flowing through the car. Loosen the bolt that holds the cable onto the terminal, remove 2002 ford escort brake relay switch cable, and tuck it somewhere so that it does not make contact with the negative side. To get to the switch, take a look right above brake pedal. The switch is typically a small plastic box with 2 or 3 wires coming from it. It will make contact with the brake lever towards the top.

You may have to remove a plastic panel before you can access this area. You can sit on your knees or lay down on your back with your head right under the pedals. Typically the second method works better as you have more visibility. Remove the wiring connector from the switch. There may be one or two plastic tabs that you must press for the connector to come out. If there is resistance, wiggle the connector back and forth slightly while pulling the connector. Remove a newer style switch. To remove a newer style of switch, you have to rotate it in the counterclockwise direction and remove it from the socket.

You will not need to use too much force to do this. Remove an older style switch.

None of the 3 brake lights will work

With the older style of switches, you will need to use a wrench to remove one of the nuts. Loosen and remove the nut furthest from the switch and pull or unscrew the switch out of the bracket. Inspect the new and old switches to make sure they are identical. Before installing the new switch, I would recommend testing the old one to make sure that it is indeed faulty. Part 3 of 4: Install a new switch New Style The newer style of brake switch does not need any set up or preparation before installation. Align the switch and the socket holes. Take note of the socket holes where the switch is supposed to go and note their positions.

Line up the holes with the notches on the switch and insert the switch.

Rotate the switch in the clockwise direction 2002 ford escort brake relay switch lock it in place. While installing the switch you may have to press down on brakf brake pedal in order to insert it all the way. Now relsy the new 20002 is ofrd, reconnect the wiring harness and negative cable on the battery. Press down on the brake pedal and see if the lights illuminate. On the newer style brae, you will not need to adjust anything and the lights should work after installation. If the lights do not work even after adjustment, a certified technician would be able to inspect the switch and diagnose the problem. The wires can rub through their insulation and create shorts.

Both the opens and shorts are intermittent in many cases. Once again the wiggle test is very helpful. Here is a bit of caution. When you find one of these problems, do not attempt to perform a repair in the hatch area. The repair splice will be stiffer than the original harness, and will resist flexing when the hatch is opened, thus shortening the life of the repair a great deal, and could cause even more problems with associated wiring. Instead, remove the damaged wire from the hatch hinge area, and replace it with a new wire. Make the splices outside of the area of movement. While that does involve removing several interior panels to gain access, the result will be a longer lasting and better repair.

As a matter of fact, sometimes the dash will be fine but the engine just won't start.

Perhaps the dash is entirely dead, and the engine may or may not start. Once again, we are due for a wiggle test, but not to the wiring harness or connectors. The switch contacts become worn and start to make poor contact. Just a good bump in the road can change what touches and what does not. Shorting is not an issue, and the problem may simply involve poor contact causing circuits to come and go at random.