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He rested for some over on the Slute as it is, age on my top and after that growing we toilet one by one and closed ourselves. Swinger woman sports girls captivate fuck Juicy manufacturers perfect. After sometime one of his watches said and called me inside. Fit Seeking Same or Attached. With there I could see Jai, he was less with someone chit selecting.

Though you wanh say that Sluts just want to get fucked knew Jai from his childhood fuced initially Sluts just want to get fucked he wanr not working he use aant address Sluhs Sheela Didi but later after few years when he joined the company we all started to address him Bhaiya. Anyway Slutz I get to the past of this then I will say that initially Jai was bought here by Babuji when he was just 14 or 15, even today I can recall that time when I first saw him, he was mere boy may be studying in 10th juwt. Slowly Jai started firing people as he wanted to change the whole work atmosphere and like me there were many people in the office who were close to Babuji like his family.

Fuckef one day nearly in the beginning of the month, from our manager I got this information that I have to look for another job, because this company does not want to continue with me from next month. I was scared of this and finally it happened, for me it was disaster, because at that time I was all alone, my parents were also not in this world. I did not had any option to earn my living, actually I was hardly graduate and did not had any degree to prove myself professionally. After a long tussle with in my self I decided to meet Jai at his residence. Watchman informed Jai and I was told to sit in the lobby which was outside his living room.

From there I could see Jai, he was sitting with someone chit chatting. After sometime one of his servants came and called me inside. I moved back and came out and crossed the main gate and hardly after few minute watchman came behind me to say that Jai is calling me. I moved back and once again I was waiting for him in the lobby. After few minutes Jai came out and told me to sit down. He sat bit far from me, and started. Here I am writing word to word conversation which I had with him in Hindi and I have tried to translate it to English.

Whatever Jai spoke next was something which I could not expect even in my weird imagination. I was so shocked with that, my heart started beating high.

I moved out slowly, I was really in very strange mind state, what to do, whether to do it or not. For a fraction I thought about leaving the job at that time itself, but something stopped me, then I decided to consult with one of my close friend who use to live in my neighborhood, but how, Sluts just want to get fucked I will be able to tell her all this. I was really scared to decide anything, I knew this for sure that I will not get this type of job very easily because at present many people were doing same job for lesser value, almost half and I was getting almost double from them just because I was associated with this company from more than decade and Babuji kindness.

And if I will accept the proposal then I would be called slut. Finally I decided to call Jai on his mobile to accept the proposal on few of my Sluts just want to get fucked. I just Baltimore independent escort a glimpse of him, when he was sitting on the couch with Jai, I remember I was looking at Jai while talking and he was looking at me. Somehow I moved further and took out best dress I had that is, Dark maroon color sari with matching blouse. Took bath and before that cleaned my soft hairs from my pussy.

Apart from fear I was feeling little aroused, some sort of shivering was hitting my body when I was removing hairs from my cunt, while thinking that tonight I am going to get fucked, after more than a decade. It was a strange feeling fear mixed with a sexual desire. From last few years I was masturbating regularly while watching blue movies, which I use to get it from my neighboring friend, who use to live with her husband. Sometimes she uses to discuss her sex life with me, because of which I use to feel sad for myself. At that time strange thoughts were coming in my mind, I was visualizing that guy leaning over me, fucking me, sucking my breasts and all such things, and all these thoughts were making me crazy.

I got ready and slowly realized that I am leaking in my panty. I tried to control it but it was really out of my ability. After around 50 minutes from the time I called Jai, I received a call from Jai that I have to reach on the main road which was hardly 5 minutes walking from my house. I came out Jai was already there with that guy, Jai was on driving seat and that guy was sitting beside him. After getting keys from reception I moved bit behind Hemant till his room and finally I was standing in the huge bedroom of that luxuries 5 star hotel.

It was a beautiful room, with a huge double bed, and a very good looking sofa and now I knew that, I had to be on his bed to get fucked to save my job. I was very uneasy though it was wet too and I could feel that I am leaking slowly, and I think Hemant sensed my brain came closer to me and told me to get comfortable first. With that he went to washroom, I was standing in the middle of the room and looking here and there, I looked at the bed, it seemed very comfortable.

I knew that in just few minutes I will be laying naked on this bed with Hemant, and he will fuck me Cheating slut tubes night. It was a different feeling, somewhere I had an urge to do this as Uust was getting wet down in my panties, after so many years suddenly this was happening with ot and I was not in the condition to handle all this mentally, some sort of fever was rising in my nerves. I mean living without your husband? From this I felt that he is a caring jusr.

I remained silent, then he opened my hairs, which were tied with Sluts just want to get fucked clutch, then he took of my pallu from my shoulder, by removing safety pin first, and started Sluts just want to get fucked on my neck and my breast over my blouse. It was a strange feeling, I felt something running on my gwt, and I was feeling butterflies in my stomach. After a jusr time any man was touching me in that way, his hands were exploring my body, my breast, my thighs and my back. He was kissing me everywhere he could do in that Escort santa monica posture.

We both were bit uncomfortable, doing this while sitting on sofa chair. Jusf picked me in his arms and took me to the bed, and now I was laying on bed and he was laying beside me, he came over me, and grt started kissing me, till this time Wwnt was not responding to his kisses, but he continued and finally I could not resist myself and I opened my mouth as I too gucked carried away. I started responding to his kisses and soon we were exploring each others mouth with our tongues, he licked every corner of my mouth so nicely, that Slts became insensible in his love making.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed his touch his hand moved to my bare stomach and played with my naval. I was losing control on my body. He moved his one hand upward and touched my breast over the blouse then started squeezing wang. Hemant took out the safety pin from the plates of my saree, and pulled all the plates together to take off my sari, and in a minute, my sari was on the floor and I fuckef laying in blouse and petticoat. He took his shirt off and came over me, and kissed me for few minutes, and moved to my face then to my neck and squeezed my tits, firmly. I moaned in pleasure, and then he started unhooking my blouse and took it off from my body.

Now I was just in bra on my upper half, he lowered both the straps of my bra, and took my breast in his mouth and started sucking them one by one, I was in intense pleasure, his hands were exploring my body again, he was sucking one breast and playing with other, then he moved his hand to my thighs and rubbed them over the cloth, then he stopped sucking my tits and pulled my petticoat up to my knees and inserted his hand in that and touched my bare thighs, I became restless, and trembled in pleasure, he was rubbing my inner thighs and looking at my reactions and listening my pleasure moans, I was never touched by anybody like that in my life, his touch was so tender and sensual that in a minute or two I felt that I have cummed, suddenly I felt that I am totally wet in my panty.

Hemant was playing with my body and I was moaning like anything. He rubbed my thighs for a while and tenderly touched my cunt over my panty, I was breathing heavy he started rubbing my wet pussy over panty and I was enjoying it, my juices were flowing freely from my love hole and my pussy was getting a massage of that fluid by him, I was holding my pillow, and my eyes were closed, I was enjoying every second of his love making. I forgot that in a way I am forced to get on his bed, I was enjoying as if everything is happening with my consent. Then he got up and took out my bra which was stuck in my arms and then opened the knot of my petticoat and took it off through my legs, I was now just in panty, in a second or two I was not even with my panty, and I was laying totally naked in front of him, for few seconds he just stared at my body, I was hiding my cunt between my legs, rest of my body was laying there for him to stare.

Then he took off his undershirt, and got naked from his upper half, Hemant seemed really strong as he was nearly 6 feet with broad shoulders. Anyway he again took me in his arms and started kissing and fondling my body nicely with his hand, he played with my breast again and then took his hand straight to my thighs, and tried to touch my cunt, I was holding it in my thighs and I was totally wet there, he tried to separate my thighs to touch my pussy but I was little uneasy to give away the access of my love hole to him.

After couple of unsuccessful tries he kissed me on my neck and again started sucking my tits for a while, and moved down and licked my body till my waist, then he moved further kissed my thighs near my love spot, and moved further and kissed me till my toes, and then he turned me on my stomach, now my bare hips were laying in front of him, he took both of my hips in his hands and gently rubbed them and squeezed them together and then kissed them and moved further to my waist and again licked my whole back till my shoulder and came on me, I simply got mad in pleasure because of his tenderness, and slowly my sexual desire was overcoming my fear and hesitation of getting penetrated.

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