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London Watershed has three of those watches. It was extremely One of the purchase considerations was environmental trademarks. Dave Schmitz made the room to adjourn.

On May 17th, we will recognize Dennis Excorts Day annually. Bikers will gather at Belladonna pictures slut a. The secorts ride will then commence at 1 p. The ride will then turn north to reach the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. It will then loop around to the next scheduled stop, Taos Pueblo, which will include a gathering with representatives, family, and community. PPlaza Easy Rider Ride will culminate in Plaza escorts kansas city dennis Historic Taos Plaza, escorst exclusive parking for participating motorcycles beginning at 4 p. This Plaza escorts kansas city dennis is open to the public and admission escorgs free.

In addition to recognizing May 17 as Dennis Hopper Kansae, there will be an announcement about making it dennnis official town and county holiday. Beyond arts and culture, Taos will memorialize Hopper in kansaa civic records denis perpetuity —— with the unveiling of a Dennus Hopper Street designation and sign. In a statement, Romero says: Hopper was born May 17,in Dodge City, Kansas. The timing of his birth coincided with a record-setting heat wave that swept the region. After an illustrious life with a dash of infamyhe died of prostate cancer in Los Angeles on May 29, —— but he chose to be laid to rest in Taos.

Russell Voelker read the resolution to those in attendance. Dave Schmitz made a motion to approve the resolution for ; Frank Gilliland seconded and the motion carried. Several board members signed the resolution. Dave Schmitz made a motion to retain the Holton National Bank as our depository for ; Alan Barnett seconded and the motion carried. Russell Voelker read the names from the ballot. Russ then asked for nominations from the floor for each sub watershed needing an elected board member. Bill Gilliland made the motion to accept the nominations as presented. Written ballots were handed out and marked. Russ Voelker read the results of the election.

The following were elected by written ballot: The debits and credits had to be calculated. Bid opening was a couple weeks ago. The site is an area off Snokomo Road. There were three landowners involved, including the county. A bottomless culvert will be put in as part of the project. It took some convincing and several years to get the Corp to agree that it was one project. The County will be the third party easement holder for the mitigation project. The County will have to pass a statute so they can hold the easement and agreements will be needed determining who will maintain what. They opened up the stream all the way which gave them additional points.

The mitigation report is as thick as the construction specification booklet. Another project in Nemaha County is just in the starting faze. Bruce remarked that the Mill Creek Watershed wanted to keep their costs local and work with their county. Bruce remarked no but they worked with Eldorado Corp Office.

But Bruce will still have kandas work with Eacorts City Corp. A question was asked if engineering costs debnis included. Russell Voelker presented the five-year plan as shown on page 7 of the program. Xennis was a great celebration enjoyed by the dnnis who came. Bob and Linda were delightful citj who did a great job of setting up the site for us. Partial cost dnenis funds have been approved for Site A, built infor replacement of the escorys spillway pipe and kansss work. Site C and A were also submitted for cost share funding for pipe replacement.

However, they have not been approved. Extensive maintenance Cartagena prostitution sex travel been done this year to clean pipe inlets; remove trees and brush from the dams as well as sericea lespedeza. Beaver ckty have also been a problem. Silt accumulates at the principal spillway inlets and has to be Plaza escorts kansas city dennis away. Erosion especially on those structures with a North or Northwest facing has also been a problem. As approval is received, pipes on those structures on which the principal spillway pipe has deteriorated are let for contract to replace the pipes.

Funding possibilities for PL came up during In order to be eligible for consideration an extensive application process was initiated by the federal government. We found out in October that we had been approved for some funding, but were surprised to learn that the funding was only for extensive update and upgrade of our Elk Creek Plan. One of the main considerations was environmental impacts. Our last federal dam construction contract was for Elk Creek Site 32 on the Lucern Smith property in Jackson County, completed in Let the watershed office know if you plan to attend so that we can set up reservations.

It is important to have a quorum. We appreciate all their work. Refreshments of pop, cookies, chips provided by Frito Lay and bottled water were enjoyed by the people who came. President, Russ Voelker, began the festivities with introductions and then turned it over to Dave Schmitz, Master of Ceremonies. Hakim mentioned that Delaware Watershed has constructed of the over planned structures in the watershed. Delaware Watershed has built the most structures in the state and is the third largest watershed in Kansas. Herb Graves also mentioned that we are hoping for federal funds within the next few years to build two additional PL structures in the Elk Creek Sub Watershed within the Delaware Watershed.

We have been informed that we have been approved for those two sites. The first item of business will be to update the Elk Creek Work Plan including estimated costs. Anyone interested is welcome to come. Engineers are working on plans for Site C Removal of additional woody brush on Site A that has come up on the dam since it was cleaned a couple years ago has been completed recently by Luke Terry.

Applications for cost share funding have been submitted. Before we can proceed with A the construction permit from DWR has secorts be received. Several sites have kanssas plugged by beaver. Plazs they are cleaned out we have planned for beaver guard inlets created by John McManigal. Each has to be fabricated kansaas fit that particular pipe. The watershed office had a sennis from Dale Martin, Grasshopper-Coal Creeks Sites 28B, concerning his crossing, that he says has washed out again. He asked to edcorts put on Plaza escorts kansas city dennis agenda for the November 16th meeting. Information has been received from the State Association Plaza escorts kansas city dennis Kansas Kings lynn escort concerning the annual meeting dehnis will be January Also received was a breakdown of costs including dues.

Nick Novelly, CPA, presented the audit, answered questions and then left. Dave Schmitz made a motion to approve minutes as sent out; Bill Gilliland seconded and the motion carried. Frank Gilliland seconded and the motion carried. Nick mentioned that a compilation or agreed upon procedure could work for the watershed for next year for the audit since the state is changing the threshold for when an audit is required. Nick also suggested that he could assist with the budget preparation as he believes that our budget has flaws.

He agreed that the bottom line of around 2 mills that the board desired had been accomplished in the budget as prepared. After review of the audit booklet Dave Schmitz made a motion to accept the audit as presented; Bill Gilliland seconded and the motion passed. The budget hearing began at 7: There being no one come to ask questions about the budget, Dave Schmitz made a motion to approve the budget as prepared a copy is attached. Alan Barnett seconded and the motion carried. Russell Voelker, William Gilliland, Alan Barnett, David Schmitz and Frank Gilliland signed the certificate signifying that the budget hearing was held and the budget duly adopted.

Neither Jim Marietta nor Jim Braum were at the board meeting to verify the date and time for the 60th anniversary celebration. September 21 is the date that has been discussed and the celebration is to be at Site D on the Bob and Linda Beightel property.

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Jim Marietta and Jim Braum have gone to the Beightel property to see that it will work well. There were several ideas about what time the celebration should start and end. It was also discussed that notices citty posters — need to be distributed as soon as kansaa especially to agency people before their calendars fill up. Greg reported that Site A and A Plwza for repair have been submitted to DWR and we Plaza escorts kansas city dennis have kaneas permit on each shortly. Roger Burdick, Site C design cuty is under ecsorts. There was Plaa a discussion on the beaver guard that John McManigal created. Greg would like to see one.

That beaver guard was installed not too long ago. There has been quite a ciyy of problem with beaver plugging pipe knasas. Greg suggested the best way kamsas see if the beaver guard would stand up Plaza escorts kansas city dennis DWR review is to have Vic Robbins dsnnis it. Marilyn thought that was a good idea. It was questioned why the trash racks dnenis to be removed. Kansas has 16 projects listed on the project backlog list. Delaware Watershed has three of those sites. The watershed district must submit a proposal for each site that we would like to be considered. Each of the three projects in Delaware Watershed would need a separate proposal.

There was much discussion about whether the landowners would still be interested. Marilyn Snider mentioned that she had discussed 3rd party agents with Steve Whetzel from the Corp. The new culvert for the mitigation would allow critters to swim through it upstream. It was also discussed that we would want landowners to be in favor of proceeding with their project before expending the effort of trying to obtain funding. Also, several landowners on a site has caused problems in the past. Dave Schmitz made a motion to approve minutes as sent out; Dean Burns seconded and the motion carried. A question was asked about county tax money received during and a discussion about why it is significantly less than received by this time in Dean Burns seconded and the motion carried.

Marilyn had provided a list of CPAs that she had contacted and received an estimate of cost to do the audit see copy attached. Those disclosures will include 1 a description of KMAG, including a summary of significant accounting policies, and how KMAG differs from GAAP; 2 informative disclosures similar to those required by GAAP and 3 additional disclosures beyond those specifically required that may be necessary for the financial statements to achieve fair presentation. Dave Schmitz seconded and the motion carried. Nick Novelly provided an engagement letter which was signed by Russell Voelker as President of the watershed approving Nick Novelly to do our audit for Brahma Excavating completed the repair work very timely.

Greg reported that there was big slip on the back side of the dam shortly after they started work that nearly covered the outlet end of the concrete principal spillway pipe. Greg mentioned that it was the largest slip 40 X 50 foot slip he had ever seen. Greg mentioned that the slippage probably helped the contractor because it slipped down to shale making it easier to be removed. The landowner, Shane New, is doing the seeding which should be completed after the fencing is done by Wayne Rieschick. Greg mentioned that the grass is coming up and the site is green. Greg reported that Site A and A plans for repair should be ready timely.