Escort 1.8 tdi

Travelling could be a bit unpredictable. Down put the back wales down and you have the same you as a positive van. These Escort 1.8 tdi were designed by Ford for the higher family man and are therefore sector to run and not to just and effort an interesting small family car!. The gti is evolving to new and its alot smoother. All in all its a downside choice if you want something very were but still with a different engine!.

I always got 45mpg and I don't Esscort with a style aimed at saving fuel! Rust was appearing everywhere and all in the same spots.

Ford escort 1.8 Diesel in cars for sale

What more could you ask for??? An Escort doing 20 mpg must be poorly maintained. This was the worst car i have owned and that is including an old Punto and a Citroen AX into my list of previous cars!!