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Water ingress into the switcb loom at the bulkhead cover. Water can ingress into the wiring loom at the bulkhead cover where the loom enters the engine bay by the battery, causing a number of problems including poor idling and stalling. The solution is to seal the affected area and clean and grease the affected terminals. Water may also ingress into the heated oxygen sensor. This will need to be replaced.

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Ford Escort estate - Problem: Clutch switch ford escort from rear door. The problem could be could be possible that the door glass weather strip assembly is too sensitive to offset the glass channel, frame and door sail assembly. The solution is to fit self-adhesive foam Single mature ladies onto the rear window weatherstrip. Ford EscprtFord Escort Problem: Squeal from the front end accessary drive belt FEAD. The accessory drive flrd may be lacking tension and causing the noise. Install a new belt and increase its tension to rectify the problem.

Ford Escort toFord Mondeo Problem: This is probably due to a loss of timing control in the fuel injection timing system. A new fuel injection pump cam actuator should be fitted as well. Ford Escort with diesel engine to Problem: The top hose may have been damaged by the radiator fan shroud. Install a new top hose and trim the fan shroud to overcome the problem. Ford Fiesta and Ford Escort Problem: In ambient temperatues, the engine temperature gauge reads near red. The temperature gauge may become over sensitive in high ambient temperatures. Install a new temperature sender assembly to rectify the problem. May be the result of corroded contacts on the blower motor resistor multiplug.

Ford Escort Problem: Clutch judder on first engagement in cold and wet weather. The clutch disc may be over sensitive to these conditions. Remove the transmission and install a revised clutch friction disc.

Rattles, clonking and squeaks from fprd vehicles's underbelly. If there are concerning noises coming from underneath escorh vehicle it may be that the flexible joint gasket has worn. Installing a new gasket will solve the problem: Disconnect front pipe from the exhaust section and discard the gasket and nuts. Now when you go to swich you car all you have to do is push the Clutch switch ford escort in turn the key to escortt on swirch and push the button, when the car Clutcj let go of the button. But remmember the car will still turn over even when the key is off and in gear so be carefull That and I didn't need a key, two toggle switches and a button No more parking on hills to start it lol.

I repaired the switch below the clutch also which was easier than i thought it would be. You might want to check your hailey the one below the clutch pedal. I believe the power to the selenoid for your starter goes through there but noe sure. My manual doesn't tell me what it does but it has very high gauge wires going to it which it wouldn't need if there weren't alot of current going thru it. If you do take it off just unplug it from harness and undo the 2 nuts then check with a ohm meter to be sure it is working. You can take it apart to clean it if you need to. Just don't try and remove lead on switch they are soldered on. If you have anyu questions hailley let need know good luck.

Now I just need to replace muffler and water pump oh joy.