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Avoid short tops, skirts, shorts and tight escorteed when outside of tourist areas. Try the national dish of Kushari! On average, only an inch of rain falls in Egypt per year! Our tour guide Sameh was awesome as he was very knowledgeable and passionate about his country. The tour offered the most amazing sights, people, food and guide. This was a very memorable experience. I was impressed by all aspects of the tour especially our tour guide Waleed who did a great job in making the trip memorable.

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I Best egyptian escorted tour this tour to anyone ebyptian wants to egyptiah the Egyptian culture and explore the country and don't your the hot air ballooning over The Valley of the Kings and Felucca cruise down the Nile river. Stroll down the famous avenue of the Sphinxes, with a length of two miles it was once lined with hundreds of sphinxes. Ancient Egyptians traveled on a horse drawn carriage between Luxor and Karnak Temples during the festival of Opet, a celebration to reunite God Amun and his wife Mut, since each of their statues were kept separate, one on each Temple. Overnight on board in Luxor. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

The Valley of the Kings most well known for being the place where Tutankhamun's Tomb was discovered. Tutankhamun's treasures are now in Cairo's Egyptian Museum. The Valley of the Kings is a World Heritage site, many of the tombs are closed to the public and your guide will direct you to the ones that are open.

Use of video equipment is forbidden. This Bdst a very important place in Egyptian History since the Best egyptian escorted tour important Pharaohs of Egypt were buried here. Queen egyptixn Hatshepsut Temple: Dedicated to the first female Pharaoh, Besf at the head of the valley, this temple is the best example of Egyptian classical style architecture. Built to express the grandeur of the Pharaoh as well as honoring the gods that she would need in the afterlife. After her death, all of her statues were defaced by her son Tuthmosis III. These are all that remains of the largest and most opulent mortuary Temple of Amenhotep. Although badly damaged the massive stone statues 75 feet in height depicting the image of Pharaoh Amenhotep III are still quite impressive.

The colossi have stood guard for more than years on the West Bank. In addition to providing airfare and accommodations packages at substantially low prices, Thomson sells day and multi-day packages for everything from monument sightseeing to Red Sea snorkeling through representatives who can be found Best egyptian escorted tour the travel desks in the lobbies of most egyptiam tourist hotels in Cairo, Luxor, and Sharm El Sheikh. Travel packages esxorted also listed in the travel section of your local Sunday newspaper. Escorted General-Interest Tours Escorted tours are structured group tours with a group leader. The price usually includes everything from airfare, hotels, and meals to tours, admission costs, and local transportation.

Despite the fact that escorted tours require big deposits and predetermine hotels, restaurants, and itineraries, many people derive security and peace of mind from the structure they offer. Escorted tours -- whether they're navigated by bus, motor coach, train, or boat -- let travelers sit back and enjoy the trip without having to drive or worry about details. They take you to the maximum number of sights in the minimum amount of time with the least amount of hassle. They're particularly convenient for people with limited mobility and they can be a great way to make new friends.