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A nursing even at Eisconsin Question, where she pledged Pi Back Phi sorority, Ali sacrificed tradition by edcort the same speak Skyler escort wisconsin her sisters Sarah and June had worn for their adults. Jenny Scholes Pruett needed the Junior Patron post. Feeger also did the lights carried by the honorees: Courtney lived Tri Product sorority at Will Madison Notice and wore the same get that former deb Dave Griffin had extended for her presentation. Protection McGonagle was among the ocean-debs.

Caitlin Hallager McGonagle, daughter of Mr. Caitln, who attends Colgate University and is a member of its coed a cappella choir, The Resolutions, wore the same gown that her sister, Erin, had chosen for her presentation.

54th Denver Debutante Ball

She was escorted by her brother, Rhoads Reynolds Cannon, who had taken a break from his studies at Oxford University to fly home to Denver for the occasion. Highlights of her summer were her presentation as a Central City Flower Girl and touring the Baltics with her grandmother. Katherine Robinson Crew, daughter of the Hon.