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As she sipped her coffee we began to talk. Those things on the bed, I want you to put them on. It will be fun for me too. After a few minutes I was dressed in the new outfit. This must be a bit exciting for you. Come look at yourself in the mirror. You look just like a girl. Let me see you walk around in your high heels. Not bad at all. You are such a pretty girl. Now, take off those pantyhose. Go to the bathroom sink and wash them out. Rinse them good and hang them up in the bathroom just like we girls do. She told me that in the morning she wanted her coffee and toast at 8am served to her in bed by her new slave and that I should be wearing my new outfit before serving it to her.

I slept on the couch. The next day I woke up at 7: Meanwhile I put on my new bra and went into the bathroom to get the panythose but they were still wet. So I put on the dress and high heels without the pantyhose.

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The coffee was ready and I took the coffee and toast up to Cathy in the bedroom. As she awoke she said. Where are your pantyhose, slave? I was going to give you thr present later but I sluhs you can have it now. She handed me a gift-wrapped box and told me to Sexy sluts at the gym it. If you ruin them I will spank you. My prescription is ready. I want slutw to go there and pick it up for me. Leave on your bra and nylons and just wear your jeans and a sweatshirt over them and nobody will notice. At the pharmacy I looked at the list and felt uncomfortable buying lipstick and matching nail polish color fuschia, Ultra lash mascara, and No Nonsense ultrasheer off black pantyhose size C.

The cashier looked at me funny when I paid. When I returned to the house and walked into the living room I was shocked at what I saw. I was so astounded and dumbfounded that I continued walking right past them into the kitchen to ponder my next move. I stayed there for about 5 minutes making a bit of noise to alert them that they were no longer alone. I could hear their conversation. I hear someone in the kitchen. He told me that girl-on-girl action was exciting for him. Then I heard Cathy. What pretty underwear he has for a boy! She looks just like a woman. I bet she could pass anywhere. What do you call her? Then Lisa whispered something to Cathy and they giggled.

Would you mind bringing them over to me on your way to the gym? Just try not to talk, smile a lot or your voice may give your away. Joe Ann this my husband Mike. Would you mind showing her, we have a bet? I looked down a moment to see my heels and nylons and my mind wandered far away about my situation. Just then Mike grabbed the back of my neck and shoved his cock into my mouth and began pumping, fucking my face.

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