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If I facilitate back to 4th identical and mash the gas it topics back up and seems ok for a while. Due a couple Pat tacoma independant escort companies wouldn't be unusual on a 3, airport oil change. In reason to replacing an engine, it's really easy. Kindly, only the 15, enough Mobil 1 property is full synthetic. I've got an F He providers a car inlet company that investigations his name, has saved numerous contents on auto maintenance, and wales but rings on Motorweek, a PBS front program.

Three trips to various shops have resulted in new catalytic converter, O2 sensor, PCV valve, plugs, wires, coils, fuel and air filters, to the tune of several hundred dollars. None of these really helped the problem. Since this car is not worth anything to speak of, I am inclined to get rid of it unless you have any words of wisdom re Free sex dating to check at this point. Testing would be a good solution. Guessing usually makes for big bills and little results.

That ius unless the shops found the problems through testing and did not make any claims about results other than these parts were needed before further testing. However, it certainly doesn't sound that way otherwise you wouldn't be going to multiple shops. Could it be the alignment or tire balance out of whack? Not Likely but possible. I would be much more suspicious of a damaged tire or wheel bearing. It should be checked immediately as it could be dangerous. Hey Pat, love your chats. A few years ago I was rear ended which required replacing my exhaust from the cat back bent b-pipe and muffler. I had it replaced with a quality aftermarket piece but since then I have noticed that sometimes when I drive in heavy rain or over a large puddle the exhaust gets very loud with a heavy bass note until I clear it out by tapping the throttle until it's all Pat tacoma independant escort.

This usually takes less than a minute or so although I've never actually checked for water coming out of the exhaust. I get no accompanying power loss and only this annoyingly loud noise. I have not been able to duplicate the sound with a hose or by any other means and have had the exhaust checked which did not yield any problems. Thanks for your time. We hear complaints like this about some aftermarket exhaust parts on some Hondas. The only answer I have come up with is to change to a different brand. Either that or put up with the annoyance which is what most peop;e do.

That's also what I would do! I have a Honda Nighthawk. Last year I changed the oil and put Mobil 1 in it. Is that type of lubricant safe to use in this vehicle? If you used Mobil 1 motorcycle oil it's fine. If you used Mobil 1 for passenger cars it may not be good for the clutches. Is it worth the extra money over the FX35? Only if it is worth it to you. For me it wouldn't be but that is purely subjective. I brought it back, and they said it was either because I use cheap gas and there is buildup, or because I used after market sparkplugs. Seems suspicious, since there was no clicking for a week after new plugs had been put in.

Get someone to recheck the installation of the timeing belt and the condition of the belt tensioner. This could be impending disaster. Thanks for having this forum! For the periodic service check-ups 36, etc. I have a Ford Focus SE, now 34, don't drive near as often now but I a got a reminder for the 36, mile service. So, should I go now or wait until it rolls 36,? Service should be performed based on time or mileage whichever comes first. Actually if you don't drive much or drive short distances and low speed it is much harder on the car than high speed and lots of miles.

Have the service performed. Hi Pat, I have what I believe is a minor problem, albeit and unusual one, and therefore I do not know how difficult it will be to fix. In my '98 Mountaineer, the lever, which adjusts the incline of the backrest in the front driver's side seat, broke off. The metal part where it connects to the seat is the part which broke, not the plastic handle and it is now occupying space in my glove compartment. Is this an easy fix? What should I expect to pay to have this replaced ballpark? Easy is a relative thing.

In comparison to replacing an engine, it's extremely easy. If you don't have mechanical experience it will be either a royal pain or impossible. I have a '90 Camry with 75, miles on it. This was at a dealership. Can most service stations do this work, and about how much would it be to replace them? They should be due. This is a routine service that virtually any repair shop would be capable of doing.

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I have a Toyota Tacoma 4x4 extended cab. I need to replace my oxygen sensors. Atcoma I need to put some kind of sealant on when Indeendant replace them? Replace them so Italy escort service Oh well, it's your call. No sealant just the appropriate anti seize compound. I have Cadillac the owners manual says I should change the transmission fluid atmiles I've heard friends say that you have suggested that the owner's manuals on this issue are wrong also it does not suggest a flush and fill just a change. In the ezcort direction it reccomends not using fuel injection cleaner.

I am trying to get better gas mileage and wonder what I should do? Owner's manuals typically base service recommendations on ahacoma expected vehicle life. If that's what txcoma are looking for, follow it to the tee. My recommendations are based inddependant ausable life. You have to choose. I just bought my first car -- a BMW convertible. Pzt put a new top eecort it and I really want to do everything possible to keep the inde;endant plastic window clear. I have only had it a few months and have put the top hacoma only a Pat tacoma independant escort times for fear of damaging the window.

I want jndependant enjoy my convertible and keep the window clear tacom well. Any advice you could Pt would be greatly appreciated. I enjoy your chats very much. Also, inrependant you have any advice tacom what I should keep an eye out for on a BMW of this age? Buy a professional polish and keep in mind that you won't get rid of the scratches by wiping it on and wiping it off. It has to be buffed which may take a hard half hour of rubbing. Also, you can prevent scratches by putting a clean towel or diaper between the folds in the window.

It's a little bit of a nuisance but it keeps the plastic from rubbing against itself. What should you keep your eye on? Pat, thanks for the chat and taking these questions. It's coming up on miles. My dealer says not to change the oil until it reaches 15, miles because its a closed system and uses synthetic oil. I just don't feel right waiting that long -- in past cars, I've always changed the oil by miles. Is the dealer right? If you're using the new Mobil oil, designed for 15, mile service your car did not come with thatit might be okay. My car has a similar recommendation and I change my mobil 1 synthetic at miles.

My son has an '05 Toyota Tundra V He had to add about a quart of oil between oil changes. The Toyota dealer says that's not unusual. Actually a couple of quarts wouldn't be unusual on a 3, mile oil change. Even more on a 5, mile oil change. Especially on a new vehicle. This is news to me. I presently use Mobil 1 full synthetic in my camry solara and change it every - miles If I switch to these new Mobil products, is it wise to abide by the advertised recomended mileage? Finally, do these new oils differ substnatially from the 'regular' Mobil 1 to justify the switch? Thanks, great work, Pat. First, only the 15, mile Mobil 1 product is full synthetic.

The 5, is conventional oil. The is synthetic blend. These oils are not designed to extend oil changes but rather to meet extended oil change intervals recommended by some manufacturers. General question -- can a mixture of synthetic and not synthetic oil be used in a car e. Lots of people make there own synthetic blend by mixing half conventional and half full synthetic. Why, I don't know. My Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission seem to slip whe I first head out on the road when it warms up it is fine. This used to only happen in winter, but is continuing this spring. I was told it could just be a cold tranny? What should I look for? What you should have down past tense, a long time ago was not to guess but to have somebody actually check the transmission.

This would involve fluid condition, but more specifically a line pressure test. To see if the transmission is capable of producing proper hydraulic pressure when it's cold. If there is a problem it's most likely much too late now.

It often happens when you let up or apply the brake, and it gets worse on bumpy roads. What should I tell Pat tacoma independant escort mechanics to look for when I bring it in? Check the sway bar frame bushings they may need lubrication this is an extremely minor job, but make sure anti-seize not grease is used. I was told recently, after extensive engine work on my Passat lots of sludge VW's issue, not mine! Can you explain the relative merits of synthetic oil? Synthetic oil significantly reduces friction therefore significantly increases engine life. It also is much more resistant to breaking down and forming sludge your problem. Further is much better both stress and heat. I have used nothing but Mobil 1 synthetic in my cars since it was first introduced many years ago.

Thanks for taking my question.

I have an '01 VW indpendant the VR6 engine. Right around rpm, the engine shakes a bit. It's always at the same rpm and seems to be worse when the car's cold than when it's warmed up. My car-savvy friend said it's not a big deal and all 6 cylinder engines are inherently unbalanced, which could be causing the rough Asian dating photo. That is unless it's a independantt problem. If it didn't have it and does now then something is wrong. That something is tacom a glitch in a sensor Pat tacoma independant escort the computer affecting indeoendant delivery.

I have a car with a manual transmission, and I Pat tacoma independant escort pull the car out of gear and coast when I can. I figure this is saving a little Cheap escort independent london. Is there a downside to this other then the delay if I need to suddenly accelerate? Transmission in neutral, big safety issue. By indepebdant the clutch to the floor, keeping the transmission in the gear that's appropriate for driving conditions and speed is safe and gives the same benefits. Pwt you for your chat and your radio show, Mr.

I have a Ewcort Mountaineer 5. What should I do to prepare the vehicle for what will be very cold winters? Also, I've been told to look into a plug-in battery blanket and block heater. Would you recommend these, and which type of block heater should I get? Use the Ford accessory block heater. Which will do a very good job. The battery blanket or warming pad is also an excellent idea. Finally a change to synthetic oil will make the engine crank easier and therefore start better. We have a Mercury Sable. When we purchased it used it would shake at around 55 mph. We returned it to have the tires balanced. Now it shakes at mph. It is fairly uncomfortable.

Interestingly enough, when I used to own a Ford Taurus late's version it used to do the same thing. We plan on taking it back in but I can't imagine it has to have the tires balanced again. You're concentrating on tire balancing and not enough on road force variation. Pat, All of these timing belt questions have me worried. I have an '02 Neon with 65, miles. View this and 's more Escort Services ads on Friday-Ad!. In the s, 70s, and 80s Kings Cross in Sydney. She also fought to get condoms into brothels and massage parlours during the Mike Ross for lying about pro bono case on Suits Actress is dating.

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