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Hoh two kids to take care Hot moma escorts made it difficult for me to meet other men. I later learned he was having esorts sexual relationship escotts another woman the whole time. I became close friends with my neighbor, Hadley, who confided to me that she had a side business providing massages to men. She had strict rules. She would secorts nude with them and they could touch her anywhere Hott liked. But she only provided hand jobs. There was no oral or vaginal intercourse. She offered to introduce me to some guys she knew but also ecorts I might want to meet with some of her clients for recreational sex. I would be in control of the situation and could go as far with them as I liked to satisfy my own sexual desires.

A side bonus was getting paid for it. It was one of her clients and he told her he had a friend with him. He wanted to know if Hadley would like to meet them. Hadley was not comfortable alone with two guys at the same time. She was on speaker phone and I heard her without my permission tell him she had a friend who would be happy to meet his friend. She agreed we would meet them at a local dance club in Denver in an hour and see how things went. Suddenly I was going to meet a stranger who was expecting to have intimate contact with me without having engaged in any preliminary social niceties.

The very thought of being felt up by a stranger made me wet. Giddy with anticipation we got ready for our encounter. Hadley was my size and she lent me a sexy short silk dress. I had never considered going any place without panties on but at the last moment I took them off and put them in my little purse. The only clothing I wore was the silk dress.

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Soon his hands were on my boobs. My nipples got erect as he gently pinched them though the silk dress. I was already wet between my legs. I was sure he could smell my excitement. Thinking of this as a business transaction I boldly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, reached into his underwear and pulled his penis out. I began to play with it and it got nice and hard. I glanced down briefly noticing in the semi darkness that it was thick and long, the kind of penis that provides me good stimulation during intercourse. As his erection grew I had trouble getting my hand around it. I was very wet. He began to finger fuck me really good and deep with two fingers while simultaneously pinching my nipples through the dress.

Suddenly I was having a strong orgasm. I begged him not to stop. I came on his hand squirting as I reached my full orgasm. Slowly I recovered my composure and now it was his turn. I knew he was expecting a good hand job so I began to tease his penis and rub it.

I give super hand jobs. I began stroking him firmly and faster so he would cum and I could Savanah escorts he was enjoying it so I was a little surprised when he asked: I put my head down on his lap and began to lick him moam. Hot moma escorts softly I took him in my mouth. I enjoy oral sex with the right guy. It is always warm, salty spurts, but some are thicker and Hof and some are thinner and more watery. You can feel the ,oma of the dick in your mouth and through your lips. I took his hand and put it back up my dress so he could stimulate me while I sucked him. We put ourselves back together and went back into the club.

Both of the guys looked satisfied and relaxed. It was like warm pudding. Soon Hadley was ready to leave. This was just a job for her. I wanted to stay and dance with Brent. In the back of my mind I was thinking about what it would be like to spend the night with him. A good pussy pounding was what I was after. Brent offered me a ride home so I told Hadley it was alright for her to go without me. I had a few more drinks and soon both guys were sitting close to me in the booth. I was all over Brent and he knew I was interested in more sex. James had gotten a decent hand job from Hadley but he also wanted more. They both began feeling me up in the booth.

They were taking turns putting their hands up my dress rubbing my moist pussy lips and teasing me.


Finally Brent asked if I wanted to go back to his place. I thought a moment and then realized that he was suggesting the three of us. My unsatisfied pussy was saying yes, do it. James had a shorter penis then Brent but it was thicker. They were both touching me at the same time all over and then James was on top of me between my legs and I felt his thick penis rub against Belt escort ford mile timing pussy lips. We joined the trade many years since now and through this time; we Hot moma escorts attempted to keep all our clients satisfied with our services.

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