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Escort ohio gfe rushed is never acceptable with myself or any khio the girls! However, no matter what time of year it is, Curio fills up almost every single night and it can be difficult to get a seat if you do not get there in time. Curio sets apart itself from other bars with its class and sophistication. It is not the type of bar you go to with your friends to get drunk. Instead, Curio is the type of bar you go to enjoy a unique cocktail with a small group of friends or a companion. The bar has a very casual atmosphere and ambience, which makes it the perfect spot to go with some friends for an enjoyable night out.

Outside the bar is a patio area with a decent amount of seating during the summer months.

Happy hour at Woodlands Tavern competes with the other popular bars in Columbus although drinks are already affordable to yfe with at Woodlands Tavern. The bar is completely stocked and has almost every brand of liquor you could expect at a bar and there are a few house cocktails that are popular among the locals. On occasion live music is not played although this is rare.