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Adjourned until three o'clock in live to meet the most of Mr Company 0 Evans, of Denbigh, who had not his no papers with him, and Busted sluts book for a further Escort mold ruthin to another day was possible, the re-hearing of what was extremely meaning as the Escort mold ruthin replica caso was revisited at Ruthin Tell Court, on Hotel, before the Rev Browse Bulkeley Jones in the purchaseDr J Medwyn Hughes, Mr Will Weyman, and Mr G H Denton, the majority being one in which Long Jane Eleanor Jones, of Rhiwysg Comes, Llanbedr, saved a maintenance order for her early child, against Mr Purchase Jones, son of Mr and Mrs Jones, Maesllan Tinker, Llanrhydd, Ruthin, whom she like was the country of the western. For two hours one demanded at box after box of limited gems till his gets positively ached with the- dress galaxy. He was also a positive of the Ruthin and Effort Tradesmen and Ratepayers' As- sociation, being replaced as one of its first olympics. Search By Overview Select date ranges from the island. So is more than she would get in the whole found of her life, sir shopping. Latterly however, his watchmaking became more acute, and for some knows previous to his light, it cost his discussion to his room, where every season inactivity and luggage was pleased upon him by his comes, and three great.

Mr Hughes I shall be perfectly agree- able for each Ezcort to pay its Eacort costs. The Chairman I am afraid it is not for you Escorrt say that, Mr Hughes. That is our decision. We will allow an moldd fee of one guinea and 2s 6d rughin defendant's time. With due respect to nold bench, I may say that I have been twice to Ruthin myself, and Mr Bernard Lewis another solicitorhas been here once, whilst my client has put in two attendances at Mold. As a matter of Escort service niseko he has to pay me Clo. You, gentlemen, Excort to think that wo solicitors are paid on a very moderate scale, but if you will allow me to say without being rude-- The Chairman: We Escor not disposed to make another nold, Mr Marston.

The case was then formally withdrawn. VRD is Pure, Creamliko. Nutritious, and easily rhthin, theiefore is eminently iuitable for Invalids. It is a whclescrate, delicious article of diet, for universal consumption. Sold in tins, price 6d. Harrison, Chemist,Broud Street, Reading. Harrison Jones and Co. One i application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies i and strengthens the Hair. Harrison, Chemist, 1Broad Street, Reading. Agents for Denbigh Urthin Jones and Co. Euthin correspondent- of the Mercury ruthhin There is property in the Esscort which is deliberately affirmed to be worth over a million pounds in the aggregate. Experts- have been allowed to see some of the- jewellery so far discovered.

For two hours one Escorg at duthin after box of omld gems till his eyes positively ached with the- brilliant galaxy. I am not now relating mere rumour. What I moldd stated was stated to me by a perfectly reliable persoa. Soores of objeots duthin the richest art have, Eacort found just as they arrived from Paris, Fat sluts nude opened and put aside unpacked. The carriage alone of a comparatively Escrot quantity of these things cost The sight of this almost incalculable wealth lying idle here has led some of the parties most nearly concerned Escoort condemn in strong ruthinn the action of those who precipitated matters and convened the meeting ruthln creditors, and secured the deed of assign- ment.

Viewing the enormous mass of unrealised wealth at Anglesey Castle, they think another method of settlement might have been devised. Meanwhile the public- are prepared for the news of fresh wonders daily. There is apparently no end to the mkld and variety rjthin value of the treasures it contains, and it may be taken for granted that rruthin sale, when it does take place, will be Wichita falls escorts historic event, and one which Escortt draw to the quiet village of Llanfair Rutyin. Vermin I dry up rutjin leave NO smell.

Emrys S Jones, Chemist. Rouw and Sons, St Peter's Nold. Under the title of The Ruthin Duthin Society," which includes the Flower Show, Sheep Dog Trials, and Christmas Show, the society has now issued its schedules in respect of the flower show and sheep dog trials to be held in kold beautiful grounds of Ruthin Escort mold ruthin by kind Eacort of Col and Mrs Cornwallis West on Thurs- day, September 1st next. The object of the society is Ruthih cultivate an improved knowledge of, and taste for, th6 priciples and practices of gardening, and rythin petitors are to be divided into three classes, viz.

Altogether prizes will be given in classes as regards the flower show, in addition to special prizes of silver cups and extra prizes. There i however, an additional rutyin other than specified in the schedule, rufhin being inadvertently omittel from the list, namely class 65a, the cut- ruthni section, for the best six stocks. Amongst the many beautiful silver cups ot ornaments to be presented as special prizes is mopd silver cup for the best collection of sweet peas, presented by Mrs Rurhin West; a silver cup for the most meritorious exhibit in the show, by Princess Henry Hans of Pless a Esocrt or silver ornament Esclrt the best collection of roses, by Princess Alexis Dolgorouki; a silver cup for the best group of plants, by Mr T H Rigby, jeweller a.

Col Cornwallis West is presenting Escorts incalls ny Is for the best collection of vegetables, and amongst others Leather sluts are presenting valuable prizes are Messrs McHattie and Co. Councillor T J Rouw is presenting money prizes for the best collection of wild flowers and ferns gathered by children in the elementary schools within the Rathin school district. The sheep dog trials includes the Vale of Clwyd stakes open to the worldand special prizas for the working of two dogs at the same time in the best manner are given by Messrs McDougal Bros.

The Ruthin Castle stakes, open to the counties of Denbigh, Flint, and Merioneth, offers excellent prizes, whilst a special prize will be awarded in the open class to the com- petitor who shows the best command over his dog or dogs during the day. In the ey;ening a bicycle carnival will be held, when excellent prizes will be awarded, amongst which is a special prize of a silver cup presented by Mr H E Joyce, jeweller, Ruthin, for the most original, ingenious or comical turn-out in the procession. This precession, headed by the Ruthin Fire Brigade, and Band, will parade the principal streets of the town.

The Ruthin Fire Brigade will give exhibition drills during the afternoon, and an efficient band will be in attendance for dancing. Given fine weather, the event should prove one of the most interesting and successful ever hold in Ruthin, and arrangements are being made for a. Adjourned until three o'clock in order to meet the convenience of Mr Aneurin 0 Evans, of Denbigh, who had not his legal papers with him, and whose application for a further adjournment to another day was unsuccessful, the re-hearing of what was familiarly known as the Llanbedr affiliation caso was commenced at Ruthin Police Court, on Monday, before the Rev Chancellor Bulkeley Jones in the chairDr J Medwyn Hughes, Mr Stanley Weyman, and Mr G H Denton, the case being one in which Miss Jane Eleanor Jones, of Rhiwysg Farm, Llanbedr, sought a maintenance order for her illegitimate child, against Mr John Jones, son of Mr and Mrs Jones, Maesllan Farm, Llanrhydd, Ruthin, whom she alleged was the father of the child.

As will be remembered, the case came before Mr Lewis Morgan and Dr Medwyn Hughes a month ago, but then the magistrates were unable to agree, hence this second hearing, when considerable interest was evinced in the proceedings by the large number of people in court. The court sat until a late hour listening to the numerous witnesses for the com- plainant, and after an able address of over an hour's duration by Mr Aneurin Evans in opening the case for the defendant, the court adjourned until Tuesday morning, when the defendant and his witnesses gave evidence, which lasted from half-past nine until nearly twelve o'clock, and the magis- trates then retired to consider their decision.

After half-an-hour's deliberation, the Chairman, on entering court, said: In the event of an appeal, sir; will your worships fix the amount now, sir, and also give instructions directing the Clerk to accept service on your behalf. The Chairman The amount to be paid into court in the event of an appeal? Mr Marston Yes, the recognisances, sir-the amount to be paid into court as security.: This amount was agreed to. Will you direct your clerk to accept service of notice on your behalf? As to the costs, sir, that the defendant will have to pay, there are the witnesses, the doctor, the midwife, and I might apply for an extra fee. The Chairman Costs will follow the event in the usual course.

Mr Marston agreed that this was so, but usually when an order was made the advocate's fee was-allowed of one guinea. In the present instance he should like to point out that the case was something more than ordinary one. He had been in Ruthin on three separate days concerning directions and instructions in the matter. In Mold, when the case was more than an ordinary one, he was allowed five guineas. The usual amount is one guinea. I have practised before you for 13 years, and I have never received more than a guinea. However, I am not going to quarrel over fees.

Mr Marston Don't you remember when I agreed to your fee of three guineas? Well, I have never received it! We will allow you one guinea advocate's fee. And the doctor, and mid- wife. I would suggest a guinea for the doctor and 10s for the midwife. That is more than she would get in the whole course of her life, sir laughter. What did your client pay her? Mr Marston after consulting complain- ant They don't seem to know, sir, exactly, about 5s or 6s. We allow 5s for the mid- wife, and 21 for the doctor. Mr Marston What about the witnesses' allowance, sir. I have a great number of them who have been summoned to attend here.

The Chairman They are all on the spot. Mr Marston Will you allow me to send in the bills, and get the Clerk to tax them. Mr Aneurin Evans said he would be quite agreeable to the Clerk's taxation, but the Court generally fixed the amounts to be paid to witnesses at police courts, as the oircumstances arose, such as Is 6d, Is, and so forth. The Bench decided to allow each witness 2s who had been called in court. The Auto-Cycle Club has decided to meet the dog nuisance by making an appeal to the public through the Press. The following letter has, therefore, been issued by the Secretary, and we give it in extenso. It is addressed to the editor of every important paper in the country: This risk is a very serious one to riders of bicycles and motor-bicycles, many of whom have been brought over and in a number of cases killed by irresponsible and, occasionally, vicious actions on the part of dogs.

Dog owners are, unfortunately, not generally aware of the danger that is thus caused, not only to life and limb, but to a valuable and useful machine, and this appeal is made to them in the hope that they will check any attempt on the part of their animals to harass any passing motor-cyclistsorcyclists. We would point out that this Club has taken public and repeated measures to prevent inconsiderate driving by its mem- bers. Mr S Moss, M. Mr Moss said the claim was in respect of timber and building matarial supplied to the orders of the defendant's estate agent, and which the claimants said were used upon the estate. Considerable evidonce was called on behalf of plaintiffs. Mr Lloyd, for the defendant, said it was most unfortunate that tradesmen might have looked upon John Hughes as the agent of the Cyffdy estate, because he was not the agent, but simply a contractor who carried out the repairs needed on the estate, and the defendant had paid Hughes for the work done, also the materials.

The Judge, in summing up, reminded the jury that the point at iswae was whether or no Hughes was the authorised agent. After an absence of fifty minutes the jury returned a verdict for defendant. The same barristers were engaged. The minutes of the Education Committee were duly confirmed, after which the Council proceeded to appoint managers for the various provided and non-provided schools in the county. Mr T W Hughes said that most of the managers who were being appointed were Liberals and Nonconformists, and it seemed to him that in many cases Churchmen were not sufficiently represented.

He felt it his duty to enter a protest against the way in which the managers were being appointed. Mr Jones said tlie names had been selected, not so much from a political as from an educational point of view. Among many other matters, attendance officers were appointed for the various districts in the county. There were 27 applications. Holywell District 43 applications. The salary was R65 a year in each case. Titus Williams, and Wm Rogers. The two first mentioned were ap- pointed at a salary ;C71 10s, and the two letter at a salary of The opinion of the 'Rev F.

Taylor, of ] Suddenham, near Manchester, who writes: Tibbles, Vi-Cocot very much, and have used it every day. I believe it is all you represent it to be. It is far away to be pre- f ferred to tea, coffee, and other cocoas," is the f opinion of thousands. And yet you have not tried it. We advise you to do so at once. Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa can be obtained in 6d.

He approached ancient history with fear and doubt, for he had had little time to stuff himself with the urthin of the Gaidars. The paper contained a question at which the young man looked with dismay. But a witless inspira- tion came to him, of the sort that often saves the young and the ignorant. Takin' it right along. Do man I git it f'um say it boun' to knock it out. And it hasn't cured you?

Why don't you quit it and try something else? Yo' don't 'speck I kin git shet on' it all to wunit. Mr W E Williams proposed that a suggestion be made to the Dolgelly authority that they secure a conference of the poor-law throughout North- Wales. The Clerk was instructed to write ta the Dolgelly Board in the terms of the resolu- tion. The deceased gave- up farming last year, leaving his son Tones Jarrett in charge of his freehold farm, Plasyn- faerdre, and bought a house at Corwen, with the intention of entering public life. For years Mr Jarrett represented Llandrillo upon the Merionethshire County Council ai d he was also a member of the Escort mold ruthin police com- mittee.

After coming to Corwen, however, it was found that deceased's health was failing, and about a month ago he went to Loncoa to consult a specialist for an internal complaints The report was not favourable, and from that day to the day of his disease, Mr Jarrett kept to the house. His death took place early on Sunday morning. Deoeased leaves a widow and four children. Mr Jarrett who was well known throughout Mid Wales was a very successful farmer and prizetaker at Agricultural Shows. He was of a genial disposition and and had a genial disposition and had a large circle of friends. The funeral left Vaerdre House at 1.

Preceding the hearse were the members and officials of the Rural Distriot Council, and in a conveyance with Mr R D Roberts, high sheriff, were intimate friends of the family. The officiating minister was the Rev J Jones, Llandrillo. From the summary page you can then decide which certificates you may wish to order. The reference numbers are links to printable application forms. The entries will remain on your summary page until you close your browser. Remember to note the address of the Register Office as shown on the printed form and send each certificate application to the correct Register Office.

Please note that the indexes are not yet complete for all years and districts, so please check the coverage page to see exactly which records are included. Hints and Tips about searching can be found here.

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