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The animals were expensive and it was esfort to export them from Spain without permission from the Spanish king. Unfortunately, Miralles died in while visiting George Washington in New Jersey, so the transaction never took place.

Royal Gift arrived at Mount Vernon on the night of December 5, The jack was gray in color and had a strong, stocky, build, standing nearly fifteen hands high. Dscort March 23, Donket escort, an ad ran in the Maryland Journal stating that Royal Gift would cover Donket escort and jennies for five Guinneas for the season. Unfortunately, Royal Gift was notoriously stubborn and slow to reproduce. Washington joked that the jack was "too full of Royalty, to have any thing to do with a plebian race. He instructed a few of his friends to keep two jennies with Royal Gift as stimulus "when he is in those slothful humours.

One notable descendent was another of Washington's favorite jacks named Compound. Compound was the offspring of Royal Gift and a jenny, which was the offspring of another favorite jack, the Knight of Malta.

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Sadly, Royal Donket escort glory was short-lived. He sustained severe injuries while on a journey to South Carolina in to work at Donkwt plantation of William Washington a military colleague of George Washington. According to witnesses, the jack's handler drove him at such a rigorous pace that Royal Gift was left stiff and lame. This week it was my turn to be escorted by Sweep.

He is a very friendly, sociable chap who is used to meeting the public, as he was a beach donkey in Weymouth before he retired here from his duties on the beach Dlnket with many of his companions who also used to work with him there. They are not all together in the same group now at the farm, as some are esocrt and older and need different care. We know Donket escort former owner comes quite often to see them, which is lovely for them all. Also this week Maggie had the pleasure of Daisy's company on her rounds. Daisy is a pretty, gentle donkey who loves a cuddle and some special attention.

A few years ago she lost her best friend and companion, Blackie. We were concerned about her for a time, as they had had a very close bond, but we kept an eye on her to make sure she wasn't too sad. Eventually she made friends with another little donkey called Whitey, and they are now very happy in each other's company. Whitey is also one of our "Meet and Greet" donkeys. She is, of course, white and came to us from Ireland. We don't know her history, but along the way she lost her tail! She is the sweetest little donk and whatever happened in her past she is now a happy girl enjoying the company of her two special friends, Daisy and Toby. This brings me to Toby, our final "Meet and Greet" donkey.