Asian business meeting

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Also remember to keep the business card on the table, or place it in a cardholder.

Stuffing it in your back keeting — near your rear end — is horribly rude. The never-ending happy hour. Socializing with Asian clients presents two grave risks to novice international travelers: Both are common features of the business entertainment landscape. If you are taken to a karaoke bar and asked to sing, don't refuse — it's poor form.

12 tips for Asian business meetings from an international protocol expert

Your associates will compliment you to no end. They will cheer you on in other ways, too — usually with a glass in hand. Strong rice liquor is often used to toast visitors, particularly in China and Taiwan. Be warned, one drink can turn Asian business meeting five. Never refuse a toast; instead, take measured sips and keep plenty of water near. But toe the line for your personal preferences — just drink water. Prepare a Memorandum of Understanding Have an MOU prepared in advance so that when both parties agree to move forward, you are ready to start the process.

More detailed agreements, including licensing, can be drafted later. The importance of saving face Saving face, the notion of ensuring behavior does not provoke strong negative emotions in another person or yourself, is critically important and deeply valued in society and business. Gift exchange Coordinate the gift exchange before departure, confirming details with your inside contact. Small, locally made artisan crafts and gifts from your home region are typically well received. Inexpensive, pre-packaged, non-perishable food-items such as local sweets, regional peppers, maple syrup, and chocolates are also good ideas.

Consider books, bookmarks, golf balls and scarves that may not be available in the destination country.

Avoid red ink in books and papers. Time for meetlng Brief your team beforehand about meteing specific time set aside after the meeting for silence and questions. In Asian business meeting, it is impolite to ask questions during a presentation. The same dynamic occurs during meetings. Avoid product promotions Before describing your services or products, be prepared to discuss other, general topics. Wait to be asked for your materials, rather than hand them out. Patience Constant distractions in many Asian workplaces, including cell phones ringing frequently and animated conversations elsewhere in the building, may cause you to feel distracted. Remember that other cultures have different ways of working.

In Asia, businesspeople are very comfortable with constant interruptions and dispensing with agendas in service of important relationships. Humor caveat Humor is culture-specific, so something that is funny for someone in one culture may draw blank stares or serious looks from those in another culture. Subtle meaning from North American or European humor can get lost in translation in many Asian cultures, and vice-versa. Which, in itself is kind of funny, right? Gestures Avoid expansive, sweeping hand movements.