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So don't worry if it's late at night. Many of us have flexible schedules and plan our days around your needs. The city park lands are poorly lit and are best avoided after dark due to the presence of intoxicated people. Robberies have known to occur in these areas. If you need to cross the park lands to reach the suburbs, stay near the road.

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Catching a taxi Adelaide private escorts public eescorts is recommended at night. When catching a train at a suburban station, it is best to arrive at the station within min of the scheduled arrival time. Trains in Adelaide are generally reliable and arrive and depart on schedule. There are security guards on all trains after 7PM and many rail services have bus connections available. Exercise personal safety in and around train stations. At night police actively patrol the city centre, especially Hindley Steet where most of the city's nightclubs and bars are located. Remember to lock your car and avoid leaving valuables in view in unattended vehicles.

Pickpockets are rare and there are no "hotspots", but opportunistic theft does happen.