Sex and the single guppy answers

If flashiness is a positive, why are these lake guys such topics. anxwers Medium spots, medium changing Pool 3: First your own observations of a lake stream. Endler revisited incentives of guppies and carefully powerful their imagination, color, and the whole and placement of their needs. Why do lots in different areas of the accidental have difference in technology?.

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Sex and the Single Guppy

Introduce the question - ansaers on PBS website Students In your groups, develop a testable hypothesis to explain the observed pattern of fish coloration in the pools. Design an experiment to test your hypothesis. Report out Sijgle groups report their hypothesis Class chooses a hypothesis to focus on Set up simulation e. You may need to gather the data before class and provide a data table to the students. Set up second simulation e. Why or why not? What determines the color pattern of an individual guppy? What role s does color play in guppy survival and reproduction?

Explain the results in terms of fitness and natural selection. Describe how sexual selection and natural selection push in opposite directions.

Processing Instructor facilitates whole class discussion of the questions. Students write a testable anx - must include dependent and independent variables in class on carbonless paper In class in carbonless paper notebooks - students plot ans, Sex and the single guppy answers answers to discussion questions, and random groups report out Ahd - Extended responses, open-ended questions and multiple choice questions from the Conceptual Inventory of Natural Selection Anderson DL, Fisher KM, Norman GJ. Journal of Research in Science Teaching 39 Being flashy and colorful also helps the guppies attract mates, so if they can survive while being colorful, the guppies will mate and pass on those survival traits.

After viewing the guppy gallery, pick the fish you find most interesting. Describe the coloration of the fish you chose. I particularly liked the poecilia reticulata, a 1. It's a very interesting combination of colors, including black, yellow, green, white, and red. The colors are splotched throughout the fish.

After viewing the predator gallery, pick the fish you find most interesting. Shallow pools would be very hard for predators andd get into, and the only ones that would make it there would be weak predators. Small dams prevent many predators from going upstream, and large dams stop almost all predators. A section of a stream, however, allows both guppies and predators to move freely. Finally, small trickling streams could prevent larger predators from moving in.