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The photos are good. How has your phone been being. By crawling this topic, I certify the following: How can have you been transitioning for?.

Well, I do enjoy my full time job, but I also love and enjoy my career in the vegass entertainment trasnexual. I would like very much to spread my wings within the adult entertainment world and work on more projects and really build a name for myself. I fegas Escort las transexual vegas succeed gegas work very hard to succeed. Are you politically active? You seem like a very intelligent woman to me - have you ever thought getting into GLBT equality activism or other types of social activism? I would love very much to help spread the word about equality, especially when it comes to gay marriage. I live 4 college drunk sluts fuck life that many people look down on with disgust.

But I wish people who are struggling with the decision to transition had a great support system and I would love to help find a way to create that support system and help promote it. I do know that there are a lot of Transsexual Support Groups out there, but it is hard to find them. What made you first decide to get into the adult entertainment business, and how long have you been in this business for? Well, I knew I needed to find a way to bring in extra money, and I was scared to death of escorting. So the next best thing was the adult entertainment business. I placed an ad on sexyjobs. I have been in this business for about 6 years and hope to have a long productive career.

What projects are you currently working on? Do you have your own website in the works? I just recently had 3 shoots come out on Private Transexual. The photos are amazing. I absolutely love them. That shot was amazing and all my fans and followers will get to see me in a new light. It was definitely my raunchiest shot to date. Tell me all about SpunkLube! Well I have a great relationship with SpunkLube and its maker. I love to promote products I absolutely love, and I love SpunkLube. I am telling you, it really is the best lube ever. So now, everyone should be getting Spunked.

Which adult photoshoot turned you on the most? I have 2 answers for that though.

My first shoot for Shemale Strokers definitely turned me because it was my first shoot ever, and it felt Escort las transexual vegas naughty. But I loved it. Then a close second was my shoot for Private Transexual because it was my first shoot with my new beautiful Coeds sluts. A scene for us together has been in the works for a very long time. Actress wise, the list is long. The whole translesbian thing is very new to me, and very very intrigueing. In your personal life, what is your sexual preference - men, women, TS or does gender not really matter? Well in my personal, I prefer men. I love love love men.

At what age did you lose your virginity? What was first for you - seeing a porn video or actual sex? Well to be honest with you, I am still a virgin in a biblical sense, if you catch my drift. I first started watching gay porn and going into gay chat rooms when I was about I have my first experience with another guy when I was about 19 years old, and that was just oral. Pretend you are lying on your bed, name 5 things that are within touching distance! Are you a natural exhibitionist? Would you lay out fully nude on a nude beach? What is your favorite sexual position?

Do you Prefer being a Top or a Bottom? Escort las transexual vegas am a bottom. I love feeling a man inside me. Great great orgasm that way. Strangest place you have ever had sex? The story time Escor at the library, but it was just oral. Full on sex, I would have to say in my car next to the railroad tracks. Sometimes you will find famous ladyboy porn stars and may even be able to experience what you have watched on great ladyboy porn sites like Tranny Surprise! Since all of the prostitutes here are freelancers it is impossible to tell you how much you will need to pay them to go back to your room for sex.

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That will be up to you, them, and a negotiation. Remember this is Vegas and prices are high here. Plus they will always shoot for the moon to try and make as much money as possible on their opening number. Maybe try Escort las transexual vegas have a drink with them and treat it like a normal bar pick up. The more they want to go with you the lower their price will be. Often times guys are a little weary of going to a place like this for a first time. This is not wise, you are going to end up seeing fake or photoshopped pictures and not getting what you expect. It is much better to head to Las Vegas Lounge and pick them out in person.

This is the most popular ladyboy dating site in the world and there are many from Las Vegas on it. You might also have famous ladyboy porn stars or entertainers drop into town from time to time. If you have a membership and set your location to Las Vegas they may message you when they are in town and set up a meet. This is a great way to discreetly meet transsexuals without having to do so with prying eyes on you.