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Non Personal Service Home Occupations No more than a total of Roanoke escort service person other than family members residing esvort the premises shall be engaged in or employed by such home occupations, regardless of the number of home occupations associated with the dwelling unit; and No customer or Rownoke shall travel to the dwelling in connection with the home occupation. Specific standards for personal service home occupations. Personal service home occupations shall be permitted as accessory uses as set forth in the Use Tables in Article 3 of this chapter subject to the general standards for all home occupations set forth in subsection dabove, and the following additional standards: A home occupation shall comply with all local, state, or federal regulations pertinent to the activity pursued, and the requirements of or authorization granted by this chapter shall not be construed as an exemption from such regulations.

No commercial motor vehicle shall be used, parked, or stored on the site in connection with the home occupation.