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I'm reduced to wellingborougy in an internet cafe to check into my flight as the shipping company have taken all my worldly goods. Maddie wellingborough escort I'm not saying Goodbye forevah, but I won't be on here quite so much anymore, what wellingbogough not working in an office and not wanting to spend all my evenings discussing telly programmes I can't watch. So see yer for a bit. And thank you everybody that sponsored me to run earlier on Madide year, you generous lovely people. Eventually, a doctor called me in, gave me not the umbrella, but a swab.

Then he went to take blood, and remarked 'You'll just feel a little prick' and I tried to lighten my mood by commenting that was two of us then, hahaha, but he just looked sorry for me. Finally I was left alone in a side bay with a urinal to provide a urine sample. Unfortunately, whilst my bladder is normally like Victoria Falls, when under pressure it resembles the Sahara. I drank loads of water to stimulate me to gush, but still nothing. The nurses were getting impatient, and kept popping in, adding to my inability withv their lack of privacy.

So I decided to contract all my stomach muscles and really force it. I pushed, and pushed, and pushed And not just a trickle either. I had to hobble out, ask to use a proper toilet, dispose of my shorts and clean myself up a bit. I gave the sample soon after and left, trying to ignore the nurses cracking up behind me. The only good thing about it apart from getting the all-clear was the girl who forced me to go wet herself in the car cos she couldn't find anywhere to park up while I was struggling to go.

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