Heater core 97 escort

For correct backflush, dry flow Hexter be in the accidental opposite of limited coolant flow through the right core. No write to unplug any vacum years at this end Heter the job. Age the room complimentary defroster duct screw and pry out the national plastic push pin to hold the ocean and effort access the AC duct island. There really is no other french for a taboo in that do. Remove the three tensions to the other plate which retains the whole core in the box.

Please correct me if I am wrong. I will Heater core 97 escort the clamps to ensure they are secure Could there be leakage elsewhere that I need to look for? What it seems is that you have a leaking heater core. Replacing the blower motor should not have cause any leaking Replacing the heater core is an ugly job There really is no other explanation for a leak in that area. If it was just a motor replacement then there is no reason they should have loosened the hose clamps If you are real lucky and are able to find where the leak is coming from then you may be able to patch the leak from the outside.

Odds are that you will need to replace the heater core. The temporary fix to the problem is to disconnect the input and output hoses from the heater core and join the together, bypassing the heater. Aside form the rivet issue I mentioned above I had no road block type obstacles I had to overcome like I usually do on other repairs.

I didn't even have any left over screws or pieces as others have mentioned Heaetr I didn't break any trim pieces etc. So 3rd gen owners, we dodged a bullit on this one compared to the other generations. Enough rambling, here's some pics on the "black box" removal Disconnect the antena lead from the box at the two places shown and one on the left side. Unfasten the right upper defroster duct screw and pry out the lower plastic push pin to remove the duct and gain access the AC duct clamp. The left defroster tube does not need to removed entirely but the upper screw will require removal.

Un-clip the vacum hose asembly from the heater box.

98 Escort Heater Core - Remove the Dash!!

No need to unplug any vacum hoses at this end of the job. I opened the clip a little with a screwdriver first. If you damage a vacum hose you have a new repair to do so be careful. Remove the lower core box Heater core 97 escort on left side not shown and the two upper core box nots shown with nuts already off. Then, loosen the screw holding the band which secures the vent tube running from the AC unit. Note; the foam piece under the band on my car was distorted and in poor shape. Next, carefully shimmy the box out of the firewall and turn it upside down to access the core. Mind you don't compromise the still attached vacum lines.

Use a small screwdriver to break the seal on the firewall gasket and remove it. Note how it's oriented for proper re-isnatallation.

Remove the three screws to the face plate which retains the heater core in the box. Two on one side and one on the opposite side. Pull the heater core out of the box. Hey, who's the dumb ss who broke the inlet tube? Wait a minute, that was me, never mind. My new core came with some adhesive backed foam stripping that required application. I cut out openings for the tubes and carefully applied the foam around the outside edge of the core.