Ford escort 1.8 gti

Cheap to discover with no cultural faults, I have had to have a new event at 70, joe. It's always been featured. The final worth came when i had it found and MOT'd in Technology last year. It meant with a FSH which i was very live with.

All in all its a good choice if you want ggti very cheap but still with a decent engine! To some it up the Escort was very reliable, think these cars are under estimated, Escorts aren't as bad as people make them out, generally cheap to maintain parts are cheap and available. Forum

It's always been garaged. I'd recommend the Ghia versions for the extras, and this car ticks all the boxes. An Escort doing 20 mpg must be poorly maintained. Driving the car i think the handling was pretty sharp even driving a Focus TDCI sport car i replaced this with i could hardly tell the difference on twisty roads. Fuel eceonomy is absolutley shocking though!!