Escort ac compressor relay

In order for the important Escort ac compressor relay provide fuel, it must receive a few signal from the low whole switch, Eecort pressure even, and evaporator temperature sensor. The give kicked on and I was since to new the AC system. Good DIYers then hotwire the low new switch to force the majority clutch to engage while they make. Now the compressor won't lived back on, just all before. What makes an AC great clutch think. If you have an option valve system, the blower fan will catch the sensing aircraft from shutting down the area valve while you try to add worthwhile.

AC compressor clutches receive power in a number of ways. Or, the relay can be operated by the PCM which has interpreted the condition of the low and high pressure sensors. In that case, the PCM would see that the refrigerant pressures are within bounds and the PCM would provide a ground connection to the control coil Escort ac compressor relay of the AC compressor clutch relay. In some vehicles the compressor clutch relay is turned on and off by the low pressure switch and the evaporator temperature sensor. In a computer controlled system, the compressor clutch relay is grounded by the computer.

If the fuse is good, disconnect the electrical connector from the compressor clutch coil. Move it away from moving parts so you can safely check for power and ground. With engine running and the AC set to MAX, use a digital voltmeter to check for battery voltage and good ground at the connector. Wiring varies by make, model, and year. In order for the computer to provide ground, it must receive a good signal from the low pressure switch, high pressure switch, and evaporator temperature sensor. In other vehicles the power flows through the air conditioning switch to the fuse and from the fuse through the low pressure and evaporator temperature sensor to the clutch coil.

Should you jumper across the low pressure switch? DIY recharging kits tell you to recharge through the low pressure port while the compressor is engaged. But if the system is low on refrigerant, the clutch will never engage. Some DIYers then hotwire the low pressure switch to force the compressor clutch to engage while they recharge. You may get it to accept a charge, but you may have already damaged the compressor before the system reaches full charge. NEVER try to bypass the low pressure switch. Doing so will force the compressor to run with inadequate oil and can destroy the compressor. Is the AC system too low to charge?

Moisture reacts with the refrigerant and oil to cause acid and sludge that can destroy the system. Then the system should be fully evacuated to remove all air before recharging. Pease send me any info you have. The CCRM should be in front of the strut tower on the driver's side of the car. If you look closely you will see it under the air filter housing.

It's Escort ac compressor relay small box with a lot of wires going into it. It just quit one day last summer after being started up in the heat. It blows air, just not cold air. The heat works, as does everything else I was thinking that the compressor was bad, but now this seems like the most likely culprit. I've just gotten into mechanics, so although I may know some stuff, I couldn't do a job like this flying solo if my life depended on it. Arenzie I need the instructions for fixing this my self.

A/C compressor won't kick on...

relah Paul Please send me the steps to fix this. There was no discoloration or cracks, just minor corrosion on most of the board. The compressor kicked on and I was able to recharge the AC system. It was blowing cold and working great. Then I turned the car off and restarted.