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What makes it worse is that no one else seems to notice.

They all just blindly accept the status quo. That's why this group aaian Asian Americans feels alone and frustrated. And that's asjan finding an article like Lin's is a breath of fresh air. Curistians like reading Dating asian christians chapter from an Amy Tan wsian where a character who resembles us finds her voice and speaks on our behalf. Personally I think I see what Lin sees and I feel what she feels. But while I agree with many of her premises, I have different conclusions. Therefore while I want to affirm a lot of the thoughts she has, I also want to respectfully point out areas of disagreement. Before you do that, I'd ask you to reconsider a few things.

While most Asian churches are conservative, a growing number of Asian Americans are not. And they're asking questions that conservative Asian churches just aren't answering. They have questions about race, politics, and gender - but they're more likely to hear a five-part sermon series on "How to Know You're Saved. As Lin notes, most Asians in the congregation don't seem interested in discussing these issues either. They're more interested in talking about Christian dating or the recent church potluck. But when it comes to how our faith applies to important social issues, it's difficult for them to find a conversation partner.

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Dating asian christians the most important issue vhristians that Lin points out is how Asian churches make it aslan to even raise such questions. That's because most Asian churches already presuppose the answer. They presuppose that every Asian chrostians walks into church should know that Tyler ann slut is wrong, male-headship is normal, and same-sex marriage is sinful. That's why they never explain these views; instead they simply declare or presuppose the answer. There's no recognition that people in the congregation may actually have contrary viewpoints. As a result, it feels unsafe to ask questions because there's an expectation that you're supposed to already know and agree with the traditional Dtaing of asuan church.

And if you do actually raise questions, Lin accurately notes that "your perspective may not be warmly received. And that's why when you read the comment section of Lin's article, you see so many people writing, "What? I thought I was the only one. This is an important issue that Lin raises and is something that Asian Christian leaders need to really consider or they'll end up losing a lot of young Asian Americans. One example is her explanation of why Asian churches are conservative in the first place. Like a lot of suspicious Asians I know, Lin argues that Asian churches are often conservative to "maintain the social mores of their home culture, which are more conservative than broader American culture.

So why don't you see women preaching in conservative Asian churches? It's due to the "patriarchal values that still permeate Asian cultures. It's due to a traditional view of marriage that Asians have long adopted. In other words, Lin argues that conservative Asian churches hold to conservative values because they view everything through their cultural lenses. So when you see pastors use biblical passages to support their beliefs, you need to realize that "these [traditional] values So a conservative Asian church's doctrinal statement has nothing to do with their exegesis, research, and studies?

It's simply due to a stubborn cultural bias that they refuse to change or are unable to recognize? If that's the case, then shouldn't this work both ways? If a conservative church's interpretation of the Bible is doomed to cultural bias, then aren't liberal churches just as susceptible? As much as conservative churches may be blinded by the traditional influences of the past, aren't liberal churches just as blinded by the modern influences of the present? The scalpel works both ways. In other words, I think Lin gives a false and overly simplistic characterization of why conservative churches are the way they are. It's true that we all carry cultural baggage into our interpretation of the Bible.

But it's unfair to imply that only one side conservatives are at the mercy to such influences while the other side liberals are completely neutral. Though she never explicitly states this, Lin seems to wish there were more Asian communities out there that followed a liberal tradition. I can understand how such spaces would make some Asians feel more free to ask the questions they have. And of course if you've already made up your mind on the answer to these questions, then liberal churches with a sizable Asian population would be an attractive destination.

But from my experience, there are a lot of progressive Asians who haven't made conclusions about these issues. Rather they are still in Dating asian christians process of asking questions and searching for answers. Should Christians be against same-sex unions? Can you be a Christian and pro-choice? Dating and finding a long term quality partner today is tough. One often has to rely on fate and destiny. But there is a better way: Do something to find a compatible partner who will give you love, happiness and companionship. Remember that God does answer prayer, but he expects you to do your part and meet him halfway. But don't just do anything. Pick a culture or location that is most likely to have available compatible partners with the value and qualities that you want, who will treat you good and love you and appreciate you in return.

Such mutually beneficial exchanges make for the best relationships. In order to do that, you must not let location become your barrier. You must expand your choices globally. Many Western men nowadays are increasingly gravitating toward finding Asian female partners, particularly in Asia. There are many reasons for this: Asian women have many ideal qualities that Western men want but are hard to find. They are more feminine, tender, soft, caring, and unlikely to try to become masculine, unlike their Western counterparts.