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Quirigua Stela K


Dr. Mark Van Stone, a leading expert on the Maya calendar and the significance of 2012, describes the front of Quiriguá Stela K, a Guatemalan stone monument carved in AD 805, just before the Maya Collapse...

Strata: Portraits of Humanity - May 2015

antiguawindmill web

Betty's Hope


The Caribbean island of Antigua sat at the crossroads of the first transatlantic economy.  This documentary is about how a sugar plantation, called Betty’s Hope, was started in 1650 during colonial rule and gave many Antiguans economic support...

Making a Mint


Every summer, within a specialist center known as “La plateforme des arts du feu,” the small town of Melle, France, becomes a stage for experimentation in ancient metallurgy.  It is here that a research French team of experimental archaeologists...

Quirigua Stela D


Dr. Mark Van Stone, a leading expert on the Maya calendar and the significance of 2012, reads the story of a powerful Maya king on Quiriguá Stela D, a late Eighth Century stone monument in Guatemala.  Not more than twenty years ago, no one would have been able to read the inscription...

Passport in Time: Finding Aurora’s Chinese


In the 1860s, Aurora, a mining boom town in western Nevada, was home to a Chinese population for which history is mute.  At one point, the community comprised around 10,000 people, making it one of the largest towns in Nevada...

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Audio News from Archaeologica, 17 May 2015 - 23 May 2015


New Moche temple in Peru; Strontium says Bronze Age girl was German; Two-story houses in Bulgarian Neolithic; Heavy gambling in Utah cave


Audio News from Archaeologica, 10 May 2015 - 16 May 2015


Medieval Paris cemetery; Iron Age Spanish hoard in megalithic structure; intact Spanish ship off Panama coast; Paleo-Indian art work in Alaska.


Audio News from Archaeologica, 3 May 2015 - 9 May 2015


Danish Neolithic trident; Nazca lines as pilgrimage routes; artifacts from Confederate gunboat; Viking antler trade.


Audio News from Archaeologica, 26 April 2015 - 2 May 2015


DNA research supports Inuit migration model; Native American massacre site in Idaho; how Easter Island moai got their hats; archaeology at Battle of Waterloo.


Audio News from Archaeologica, 19 April 2015 - 25 April 2015


Mercury in Teotehuacan tomb; Old Kingdom Pharoah’s tomb in unexpected place; clam gardens in Pacific Northwest; Hellenistic Egypt hangover cure


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